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Our story

Taipan is secured by the Czech company BULLET PROJECT s.r.o. The idea of producing our own air rifle was born during a meeting with two aeronautical engineers from Kiev. It is also worth mentioning that one of them was in the development team of the legendary Antonov aircraft. Shooting is our greatest hobby and the construction of our own air rifle was our dream. The development took four years and each component was thoroughly researched and designed.

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High-quality production

The production eventually moved to the Czech Republic to make things easier. Here, we are carrying out 100% of rifle assembly with strict quality control and accuracy. Taipans are dispatched from our headquarters in Hlučín (Czechia), where they are also serviced. ⁠Our main goal is to offer the maximum functionality and great design. The accuracy is guaranteed thanks to the barrels from Lothar Walther and CZ. ⁠Stocks were designed in a place where they know how to do it best: in Italy and Spain.

High-quality production
Quality measures

Taipans leave the Czech Republic with their own ID card and a target with grouping on 40 meters. The company is standing by its rifles and staff. The proof is that in each piece you will find the name of a man who has tested it.

If you have ever shot or handled the Taipan Veteran, you know how well-made and accurate it is. Although we were more than happy with the reception and results the Taipan Veteran received, we didn’t want to rest on our laurels. As the time moves on, so does technology and trends in the airgun world. That is why we got to work and now it is time to introduce to you the latest iteration of the Taipan – the Veteran II.

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